About Bali island

Things to know about Bali Island

Things to know about bali island Before you  visiting the island , may you have to explore the information about bali

here things to know about bali island:

Bali / bali dwipa one of the provinces of the Republic of Indonesia, located in the eastern part of the java island and the western part of the lombok island, the island is also known as the Island of the Gods or island of thousand temples, some islands are included in the province of Bali in the east there is the island of Nusa Penida, the island of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Island Ceningan, Serangan island, and  Menjangan island located in the west part of bali

Denpasar is the capital of the bali island located in the southern part of the island the island of Bali is very famous in Indonesia and round the world as a tourist destination of domestic and world because Bali has art and culture are very unique, very beautiful nature,  beautiful attractions affection for in the past and a beautiful beach for sunbathing and surfing. Bali island also known to have a complete facility of home stay until the five-star hotel as a supported for family vacation, honeymoon, or relaxing eliminate fatigue solid routine
Bali province is divided into 9 districts and one municipality:

Tabanan regency
Badung Regency Mangupura
Gianyar Regency
Karangasem regency / Amlapura
Buleleng / Singaraja
Badung Regency
Denpasar municipality

Bali Province led by the governor and deputy governor, and each district is headed by a regent and deputy regent

canang sari
basic daily offering to the god in bali
bali ceremony
Prepared for tbe ceremony in house temple

Balinese people live

The Balinese are well known in tradition and very religious, because almost every day you will find a religious ceremony at the temple, cremation,ceremony,wedding ceremonies and others

Everyday before starting the activity balinese people will perform prayers at the family temple in the hope of all the activities will run smoothly, and vice versa during the afternoon will make offerings to thank for today has been overlooked by both

Most of the Balinese people working as a farmer , planting rice, sweet potatoes, nuts,sweet corn , bananas, and many more

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Rice paddy
Bali driver
Jatiluwih rice fields

People living in beach normally they are fishermen, bali has many kind of fish like tuna, crabs, snipper prawns, squide and many kind of fish

Bali day trip and activities
This kind of wodden boat normally balinese traditional fishermen use for fishing

Bali as a house for the several volcanoes, among others:

Gunung Agung

gunung agung
with an altitude of 3420 meters above sea level, located in the district of Karangasem, last erupted in 1963 which caused her a lot of people become victims karangasem

Mount Batur:


batur vulcan
Mount Batur is located in Bangli district, Mount Batur is very active and last erupted in 2000, but not to cause casualties, mountain shelf presents a view of the mountain and the lake is very beautiful and become part of the geopark sites in Indonesia

Lake in Bali:

lake batur


Located in district of  bangli regency, this lake is part of mount batur just under the mountain, this lake have spectacular view from penelokan village

Lake beratan:

Located in the district of Tabanan, this lake is a former ancient caldera volcanoes, there are objections didanau Ulun Danu,

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan

twin lake tamblingan and lake buyan
Located in the district of Tabanan and Buleleng, ordinary people know this lake as a twin lake, because it is very close and offer views very beautiful when viewed from the top of the hill

bali culture so is complex, because each area has their own unique, different traditions in terms of customs, customary law, on how to perform rituals, and procedures for cremation ceremonies or rites to the religion,

The total population of the island almost around 4 million people, and the majority of the island of Bali Hindu faiths were very obedient to ancestral tradition, usually every religious ceremony Balinese people will always look for a good day for the ceremony at Isaka calendar / calendar bali

Every home in Bali have a house family temple that is located in the north east of the yard of the house, because this place is considered sacred for the people of Bali, outside the family temple there is also a village temple, village temple is a place for villagers to worship together, where the villagers held a meeting village problem, besides that there is also a public temple as the place for all Hindus do worship together

Public temple /khayangan jagat :
Pura Tanah Lot

tanah lot

Uluwatu temple


pura lempuyang

lempuyang temple

Pura Besakih

besakih temple

is a central temple in Bali, here, there is a temple to worship the ancestors of society bali