Uluwatu temple tour

Uluwatu Temple Tour

Uluwatu temple tour start will start at  10 .00 am , and without watersport tour will start at 2pm

tour price usd 35/10 hours

car capacity : 6/7 people

Uluwatu temple tour is a tour that we going to explore the southern part of Bali island, we will visit the attractions that are in the majority of the white sandy coast, in southern Bali tour is the tour participants are expected to bring a bathing suit and a change of clothes

Uluwatu temple tour we going to visit:

Visiting Benoa beach

This beach is very popular with water sport games, because this coastal area of ​​sea water it is very quiet so very supportive in this water sports
here we can try a variety of games such as jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, visit the turtle island

water sport in tanjung benoa
best water sport activities

visit the beach Geger

pantai geger nusa dua
white sand beach Pantai Geger

Geger beach is very popular because it has a very white sand and its water is very clear, very well suited to swim at the beach this commotion while relaxing and enjoying a cool drink of fresh young coconut

visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana or / GWK a cultural tourism park located in South Bali before uluwatu.

garuda wisnu kencana
cultural park in gwk

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a huge sculpture works of I Nyoman Nuarta.  Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is currently in work progress and is expected to be completed next year, and will be the tallest and biggest statue in the world,

garuda wisnu kencana cultural park bali
garuda wisnu kencana

In addition to the statue, you can also see the beauty of the limestone hill is cut into blocks of limestone large carved on a cliff, in the area of ​​Garuda Wisnu Kencana be a place to enjoy the traditional arts of Bali, you can enjoy various types of dance and Balinese arts in this theater every day.

visit Uluwatu
customer photo withh uluwatu temple
nice having a photo with uluwatu temple back ground
uluwatu temple tour
uluwatu temple tour sunset view

is one of Bali’s Hindu temple located in the southern part of the island right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. Uluwatu temple is quite amazing because this temple was built at the end of a very narrow cliff and beneath the rocky coast and has a very beautiful view, especially at sunset


kecak dance in uluwatu temple
kecak dance

Kecak is one of Bali dance that story taken from the Ramayana. Which makes Kecak unique because Kecak do not use the instrument to accompany the dance, but only through the mouth. Sound oral hearing the constant noisy and have a good rhythm, compact and harmonis.yang hosted by more than 50 people

Story Ramayana tells the story of king Rama who has a wife named Dewi Shita air, looking very pretty, called the king of Ravana of the kingdom of Lanka kidnapped Dewi Shita with the aim to make his wife, King Rama was very angry, and he sent an army of monkeys led by hanoman attack elengka kingdom and liberate Dewi Shita and burn the kingdom of Lanka


seafood dinnerseafood dinner at jimbaran bay
nice seafood dinner
seafood always make us hungry
seafood dishes

Jimbaran Bay is famous for beautiful beaches and most of its mascot is the number seafood restaurant provides seating and tables on the white sand, we will be pampered enjoying the evening tomb seafoood menu while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the beautiful Jimbaran beach

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