Beautiful temple in Bali

Beautiful temple in bali

Beautiful temple in Bali that you must visit during a holiday in Bali and will make your holiday full of wonderful unforgettable impression

Bali known as island of the god, because is not can be separated with balinese people daily life ,cultural, tradition and religion

Everyday and almost every corner on the island people can  see in the morning balinese will do offering and also will be done again in the evening, because balinese people believe everything should be start and finish with asking blessing from the god to make sure our life is harmony and peaceful

In bali we will see a lot of beautiful temple from house temple complex , family temple, territory temple/village temple , khayangan jagat and also clan temple

now i will writing most famous beautiful temple in bali  you can visit during your holiday in bali and maybe after you reading this blog you can do start planning your day tour in bali  to visit one or two of this temple mix with your other interesting site

Beautiful Temple in bali  located in the east side of the island

Besakih temple or mother temple


Besakih temple located in karangasem regency , in rendang district , besakih temple is one of the beautiful temple in bali just under the holy agung mountain on the southwest slopes about 1000 meter from sea level

Besakih is the largest temple complex in Bali . Besakih Temple is located in the southwest slopes of Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali ,The name ” Besakih ” is derived from sansekrta language” Wasuki ” which means ” safe ” . Besakih has become the center of a Hindu temple in Bali since the 15th century . Besakih complex consists of Penataran pura Besakih and 18 other temple


Besakih temple present beautiful temple complex with very nice scenery to the south and if the weather is clear we will see the mount agung as a background of the temple

Lempuyang Temple

lempuyang madya

lempuyang temple located in Karangasem regency around 15 km from amlapura city or 5 km from most famous tirtagangga water garden


Lempuyang temple is one of beautiful temple in bali and also the oldest temple in Bali. In the conception of Dewata Nawa Sanga or Nine Gods rulers of nine of the wind, the temple is a dedicated to god Iswara.Lempuyang temple itself is divided into three mandala is Lempuyang Sor, Lempuyang Madya and Lempuyang Luhur.


Based on the ejection Rsi Markandeya Purana, Lempuyang temple founded by rsi Markandeya around the 8th century AD At that time Rsi Markandeya make a pesantrian or school for purposes of worship once preached the teachings of Hinduism.


lempuyang temple
Temple and Mount Agung, Bali

visit this temple you can  do mix with visiting other site : tirtagangga water garden, candidasa,amed,tulamben, virgin beach,tenganan village

Beautiful temple in Bali located in North Bali

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul temple located in tampak siring village gianyar regency and very close around 40 minute drive from famous ubud village

mata air tirta-empul

Tirta Empul temple built was built by dynasty warmadewa  10 to 14 century and in the middle of this tirta empul temple we can  water spring and also 2 water pond with 30 water fountain use for the ritual purification ceremony , in special day like new moon or start full moon a lot of people will visit this temple to do bathing spiritual purpose to cleaning our body,soul and mind or in balinese language penglelukatan

pura tirta empul

all visitor can do bathing here in water fountain for the spiritual purpose  ,please bring the offering to and pray before you do it the ritual

visiting this temple can be mix with visiting other places when do ubud tour or kintamai tour

Gunung Kawi temple

Gunung kawi temple located close by with tirta empul temple in the same tampak siring village ,gianyar regency

gunung kawi1

Gunung Kawi temple was built in 11th century in Tampaksiring north east of Ubud village. that is spread across of the side Pakerisan river. It been built in the cliff ,that are 10 candi carved into some 7 metre high sheltered niches of the sheer cliff face. gunung kawi is place for meditation and the place for the funeral monuments dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his favourite queens. On the east side there are five temples that are dedicated to King Udayana, his queen Mahendradatta, and their sons Airlanga, Anak Wungsu, and Marakata.

Pura Gunung Kawi 2

The temples on the west side are dedicated to the king’s minor queens or concubines.

visiting this temple can be mix with ubud tour or kintamani tour


Goa gajah Temple

goa gajah

Goa Gajah temple located in bedulu village around 15 minutes drive from ubud centre ,this temple is one of the beautiful temple and oldest temple also the witness the development of civilization Hindu and Buddhist religions in bali island, goa gajah temple it was built in 11 century by bedahulu kingdom before majapahit kingdom influent balinese cultural and religion ,goa gajah temple use for pray by two religion hindu and budha or known siwa budha religion , 


in the main temple we will see cave where in the front of the cave we can see carving look like elephant , in side the cave we will found t junction, in the west side we will see ganesha statue ( son of siwa ) and on the east side we will see tree lingga


the other side of the temple we also found it 2 pond with water fountain  and down the river it was big budha statue and now been felt down by earthquake

visit this temple can be made with ubud tour or kintamani tour


Kehen temple



Kehen temple located in bangli regency about 2 km from bangli city centre or 1 hours from ubud , kehen temple is most beautiful temple in bali and very complicated to know when this temple first time was built because not many encryption founded about kehen temple base from kehen temple information :


there are three copper inscriptions saka 1126 or 1204AD concerning the existence of the temple. the third inscription that contains the instructions for the residents around the time about the major ceremonies in Kehen Temple.


The inscription includes the name of the King of Sri Dhanadhiraja who is the son of the King of Lord Parameswara and grandson of Guru Sri Adhikunti Bhatara along consort of Lord Sri Dhanadewi. The first inscription consisting of 18 rows and ancient Balinese language was no mention of the name “Hyang Karinama”. Hyang fire in the village of Simpat Bunut ( “Wangunan hermitage in Karinama jnganangan Hyang Hyang Api in Wanua in Simpat Bunut- Hyang Signs”).


This inscription is expected to the year Saka 804-836 (882-914 AD). And the second inscription consists of 10 rows and Old Javanese name Kuturan Senapati, Sapatha and the names of the servants of the king. This inscription is estimated in 938-971 Saka year (1016-1049 AD)

visit kehen temple can be mix with visiting penglipuran village ,kintamani tour ,besakih tour


Beautiful Temple in Bali located in the south part of bali

Uluwatu temple


uluwatu temple or pura luhur uluwatu located in Badung regency just in the edges of the 95 meter uluwatu cliff in the button of bali island, uluwatu temple very famous among the visitor because present spectacular panorama of sunset in bali


uluwatu temple is very related to the priest Empu kuturan when he came over Bali and teaching and He lowered the teachings of Indigenous Villages with all the rules in 11 century , and the next is the priest Dhang HyangNiratha who came to bali on the year 1550 for the holy trip and finished get moksa in uluwatu temple or (ngeluhur ring uluwatu) this the origin of the name pura luhur uluwatu

Uluwatu  temple dedicated worships God in its manifestation as a god rudra


Visiting uluwatu temple can mix with visiting nusa dua beach and also most famous padang padang beach


Beautiful temple in bali located in the west part of bali

Beratan lake Temple

ulun danu beratan temple

Ulun danu beratan temple is located in tabanan regency in baturiti bedugul village in the top of mountain about 2 hours drive from seminyak/denpasar

ulun danu temple just in the shore of the beratan lake built in year 1663, ulun danu temple dedicated to dewi danu the god manifestation of the water goddess of the Balinese Hindus , She is one of two supreme deities in the Balinese tradition , 11 roof meru is dedicated of the god siwa and the smallest temple dedicated to parvati shiva’s consort


goddess Danu be worshiped by balinese farmers especially because of the main water that runs through its main Subak ( water irrigation system)they came from the lake water 


located in the 1200 from sea level make the climate very cold and mostly misty , visit this temple can be mix with visiting tanah lot temple ,taman ayun temple

Taman ayun temple

taman ayun temple

Taman ayun temple located in the mengwi village badung regency , about 1 hours drive from kuta , taman ayun temple been built by first mengwi king I Gusti Agung Putu year 1556 as temple for the royal family member / family temple , taman ayun temple surrounding by water canal and use the water to irrigate the farming area around the village,Taman ayun itself meaning floating garden , and have many major renovation since 1937

taman ayun 3

entering taman ayun temple to visitor cross the bridge and first area on the east we will see hall use it for entertainment and also cock fighting, on the west side there is garden with 9 water fountain  symbol of wind direction and also gazebo in the west corner

taman ayun temple

entering the upper area will be separated by main gate/gapura and decorated with 9 statue symbol of 9 god protected 9 wind direction , the west side we will found bale kulkul/ balinese bell houses , second area separated by kori agung and inside of the third area is the main temple location

taman ayun

in the main temple we can not go in ,only for the prayer can go in , but we can see the entire temple from the surrounding wall gate of the main temple location

taman ayun temple

visiting taman ayun can be mix in with ulun danu beratan lake temple tour ,tanah lot tour or ubud tour

Tanah lot temple 

tanah lot

Tanah lot temple located in beraban village ,tabanan regency about 45 minutes drive from seminyak, tanah lot very famous for the visitor who like to see the sunset because tanah lot temple one of the best spot to watching and take the picture for the sunset

Tanah lot temple just in the top of the large sea rock little bit inside the indian ocean and one of the temple built by  Dhang hyang Niratha when his journey to bali on the 16 century , tanah lot temple dedicated to the god manifestation as a god of the sea/ocean or batara baruna

tanah lot 3

tanah lot is also part of 7 sea temple rounded bali island that we believe protected our island ,Each of the sea temples was established within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast  , in the tanah lot temple we can see venomous sea snake that we believe create Dhang Hyang Niratha sash to protected from evil spirit and intruder when establish the temple

on the west side tanah lot temple we can see also batu bolong temple in the top of the cliff with big hole in the bottom

batu bolong temple

visiting tanah lot temple you can do by mix with beratan lake and ulun danu tour

i hope this information about beautiful temple in bali can give you an idea to create your own itinerary and planning your trip base on your interest ,and if you wish to visiting this beautiful temple , i am more than happy to be your local bali private driver and guide

Thank you very much and welcome to Bali

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