Beautiful waterfall in Bali

7 Beautiful Waterfall in bali

beautiful waterfall in bali are worth to visit  during your holiday,
special for the traveler lovers here beautiful waterfall we can visit during your holiday in bali and most of the waterfall present the natural beauty of nature green country side with misty hidden valley and mountain

here I can recommend 7 waterfalls you should visit during  your holiday in Bali

1. Nungnung waterfall

nungnung waterfall
Nine hundred meters above sea level, in a small village in the middle of nowhere, Nungnung Waterfall one of beautiful waterfall in bali waiting for you. Listen to and watch thousands of liters of water flowing into a beautiful pool 50 meters below.

Nungnung waterfall located at the bottom of the gorge, you have to go down 509 stairs to reach the waterfall. And you are greeted with views of waterfalls and rice fields around.
To get to Nungnung Waterfall, reached by time of approximately 90 minutes to the village of Sangeh. Nungnung village is about 45 kilometers from Denpasar, and there are a lot of signs to get to the waterfall. Car parking is also available.

2. Aling Aling waterfall

aling aling waterfall

Aling-Aling waterfall only 11km from the city of Singaraja, about 85 km from Denpasar. This waterfall one of the beautiful waterfall in bali is unique for a very special reason,  a 35 meter high waterfall is divided into two at the top, and two streams of water falling on a completely different pace.

aling aling watefrall
To get to Aling-Aling Waterfall, drive from Singaraja to Sambangan village, where there are few road signs. However, ask for directions or a guide from the local population may be required because of the waterfall is rarely visited by tourists.

3. Blemantung waterfall

blematung waterfall

Hidden in Tabanan regancy  Bali, waterfall Blemantung offer one of the beautiful waterfall in bali and views of a beautiful green, only enjoyed by a small number of travelers who really love nature adventure

Tucked among the many coffee plantations in the region, waterfalls Blemantung as high as 50 meters this is the perfect place to soak in the water and take a deep breath of fresh air of rain forest and coffee tress. If you really appreciate and pay attention, you can even smell a aroma of coffee in the air

blemantung waterfall

To visit the Waterfall Blemantung you have to drive about 75 kilometers, or about 2 hours from Denpasar to Pujungan village in the district of Pupuan. From the village, the road to the waterfall is very good and well maintained, and you have to walk from the parking lot is only about 200 meters away.

4. Waterfall Sekumpul

sekumpul waterfall

Located in the village Sekumpul, district Singaraja, Bali province
If you are truly nature lovers and adventurers, here’s your chance to visit and try another challenge from Sekumpul waterfall.  Sekumpul waterfall became famous because of many tourist that have been visited and drugged by a beautiful panoramic, but access is quite difficult which makes the waterfall is hidden from many visitors. To get to the waterfall is very difficult, and you have to travel to many slippery stairs and cross the river to see the waterfalls close up.

sekumpul waterfall
You can ask the locals to guide you to a waterfall with a reward and they will take you to the end of the street where from here you can walk about 50 m to find the most beautiful view of the waterfall seen from a high place.
But what’s interesting about the waterfall Sekumpul is that it is not just a waterfall, but there are seven ( “Sekumpul” mean “group”) waterfalls, that has a height of over 50 meters.

5.Tegenungan waterfall

Walking on
located in kemenuh village, sub-district Sukawati district of Gianyar, Bali
Tegenungan is one of the few waterfalls in Bali that is not located in the highlands or mountain. The waterfall is not really high, only about 15 meters, so you can really jump right into the waterfall.
Tegenungan waterfall has water discharge very heavy and multilevel

tegenungan waterfall

Waterfall Tegenungan unique because of the lush green surroundings, and the easiest access  to reach the waterfalls in Bali and its heavy water flow, perfect for swimming and enjoying the fresh water.
also avilable public bath facilities with fresh water comes from the water springs use by local for bathing ,it is not surprising that Tegenungan waterfall very popular among locals seeking tranquility from the hustle bustle of the city

6. Jembong waterfall

jembong waterfall
Locally, Jembong known as one of the best waterfall in Bali. But the waterfall is rarely visited because of its proximity to a waterfall a much more well-known, the Git Git waterfall.
jembong waterfall
And this would really be a blessing in disguise Jembong waterfall offers stunning unspoiled beauty. Although the waterfall is not too high, sloping and its water flow is not too swift, making it ideal for a dip and enjoy the beautiful green forest And for spiritual healing.

7. Yeh Mampeh watefall
yeh mampeh

hiding from crowded tourist centers, mainly Kuta and Ubud, there is a small village called Les village, Buleleng district, which is a beautiful waterfall.

yeh mampeh waterfall

The beauty of Yeh Mampeh (which means ‘water fly’), is one of the waterfalls were virtually untouched by visitors from all over the country because of the waterfall very remote location from Denpasar, is located in a quiet far from other tourist object so not many driver will suggest to go to visit this waterfall , but if you have a trip from amed/tulamben to lovina or other places oround there you can stop over and try have a swimm in cold water splash to refresh your body from hot weather , and the waterfall is also one of The highest waterfall in Bali.

Have fun and enjoy your trip to explore beautiful bali island and always keep bali clean

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