bali tubing adventure ubud tour

Bali tubing adventure ubud tour

bali tubing ubud tour package is the best tour combination package, bali tubing ubud tour package perfect combination to bring you and explore the beauty scenery of the eastern side village with most lush green village and rice paddy

bali tubing

Bali tubing adventure and kayaking This is a new attraction in bali mix between tubing and kayaking, you will padle your tubing and tackle all the raft ,


Bali tubing adventure
Bali tubing adventure

you will explore telaga waja river by kayaking as know river use for white water rafting with clear water and fast

This trip will be around 2 hours explore telaga waja river , our professional master guide will lead you along the way, we know very well the character of the river, so this will be much fun, take your picture, explore the beuty of scenery from the river

Bali tubing adventure ubud tour
bali tubing
Bali tubing in telaga waja river

you may choose in one tubing with instructur or may ask one boat only you and your guide in different tubing

Bali tubing
Bali Adventure with Bali tubing

After the trip ,lunch will be serve ala carte

monkey forest ubud

monkey forest ubud
monkey family group in monkey forest ubud
bali tubing adventure ubud tour
root in monkey forest jungle

after we finished bali tubing adventure ubud tour will continue to visit monkey forest ubud the most famous place we can interact with more than 700 friendly monkey inside green jungle with beautiful panorama of the root ,trees and temple inside, if you interesting you can buy bananas inside and hold it , the monkey will jump to you to get the bananas and that will be perfect picture this attraction will be supervising by guard to make sure nothing bad think happen

ubud art market/ubud centre

we will continuue to visit ubud art market in ubud centre , here you will be able to find handcraft with very cheap price and here also you have to bargain

ubud art market
ubud art market sell many kids of souvenir

ubud centre also the place of the ubud palace ,you can walk inside to see the traditional beautiful balinese king houses with very artistic wall carving of the entire building

visit agro tourism

coffee luwak

Bali agro tourism very popular tourist attraction to see the various tropical plantation such as arabica and robusta coffee trees, cocoa tress, vanilla tress, lemon grass, cinnamon and many more, good place to discover tropical plantation as you know some trees difficult to find it in your country

here also you can try balinese coffee and very famous and special coffee luwak know as the most expensive coffee in the world , made from poo of the civet and have fermentation in the chivet stomach , the village will cleaned , and skinned ( coffee bean has 1 skin and  2 hard shell and the civet only eat the out skin only ) after cleaned they will rousted and grinned

bali tubing adventure ubud tour price


kids Rp.550.000/person

price include:

private full air conditioning transport

ala carte lunch

monkey forest entrance ticket

for reservation please Call/what apps: +6285857241233

call: +6281353457171