elephant ridding quad bike and water rafting packages


The elephant ridding quad bike and water rafting package activity starts at 7.30 am with pick you up at the hotel and we headed to the first activity that we can do, which is headed to the elephant ridding the Bakas village, there we will ride an elephant for 30 minutes and still in the same place, followed by the program water rafting on the melangit river, this river has a flow of water that is very challenging for the conquered and presents a very beautiful river atmosphere with black rock cliffs, waterfalls, and forests is still very beautiful and very fertile

after the completion of two more or less activity at 12.00pm we will enjoy lunch while resting for the next to the place we will drive a quad bike in Ubud


Elephant ridding

elephant riddng.png

Start your morning with a ride on an elephant while walking around for 30 minutes looking at the natural beauty of the village Bakas, for riding on elephant we will be presented with a view of the valley of the river melangitt were so lush and green, on the way we can see herds of wild monkeys, birds and other wildlife. The most interesting event elephant riding an elephant is very clever among others by walking on concrete poles, sitting on a rock, and you are invited to feel sitting directly on the bare backs of elephants as elephant handler.

bali elephant ridding
Do not forget to capture your journey riding an elephant in your camera for memories, in addition to providing an experience that is rarely what you get, you can also interact at the end of the program by giving the elephants eating
after completion of the elephant ride we will go to the restaurant for a meal that has been prepared and is included on the tour price while viewing and selecting pictures taken by staff there that you can buy


2. The white-water rafting on the melangit river 



down to the river were wonderful and very beautiful is such a thing be my pleasure that never makes me bored
we will begin this activity around 10 am, with the preparation of safety equipment such as life jackets, helmets, and briefing on how to paddle the right way and how to swim if we fell out of the boat
along the river that we are navigating will be presenting the atmosphere of a black rock cliff is lush and beautiful, we will find a variety of wild animals such as monkeys, birds, lizards. and most challenging is a very heavy flow of water accompanied with rapids that challenge your adrenaline
we will also see a waterfall that only we can see if we are down the melangit River with boats,
at a rest area in the middle of the river, we can also relax and have a swimm or jumping from jumping area and dont forget to capture the atmosphere of the melangit river with your camera

Quad Bike


bali quad bike
This activities begins at 8:30 am for about two hours, starting with the preparation tool safety equipment and the introduction of quad bike that will be used
The next of our professional guide will take you down the path in the rice field with a panoramic morning in villages around Ubud, there we can see farmers planting activity
along the way we also pass through coffee plantations and crops belonging to residents, and the most challenging is the route that must be passed by passing a small trench that is watery and muddy this would be a challenge for you
on the way, we also can rest while seeing the beautiful scenery and do not forget to immortalize
following completion activities quad bike at the finish point we will invite to enjoy light food in advance we order when forcing registrations



elephant ridding quad bike and water rafting package start at 07.30 am

Tour Package Price Rp.2000.000/person

booking more than 4 people and above will be more discount available for you

tour price all include:

  • double blower fully Air conditioning private car
  • insurance
  • all entrance ticket/ all included on the tour price
  • lunch
  • mineral water
  • safety and experience English speaking driver and guide

To make reservation or booking :

Call or Whats app:+6285857241233

call or text message +6281353457171

email: kadekbuditour@gmail.com


payment will collect when your arrival day or in the day of appointment/ pick up time in the morning