Ayung rafting kintamani tour package

Ayung rafting kintamani tour package is the best combination package tour to explore the ayung river and  the most famous batur volcano and lake, your journey will start at 7.30 am we will pick up you in your hotel and we will drive to start point water rafing in ayung river ubud village

White water Rafting in ayung river

in the morning you will explore the beauty of the ayung river in ubud, before we start we will walk trough the rice paddy and to the start point in the river

on the river you will having fun along the journey , you will paddle and bring your boat the tackle all the raft . in the middle of your journey you will discover nature river bank ,water fall ,and carving on the wall done by balinese artisan long time ago

this activities will bring the best experiences in your holiday in bali,


ayung rafting

ayung rafting kintamani tour package include Lunch , you will enjoy your lunch after finished ayung water rafting

Visit tegalalang rice terrace

Tegalalang rice terrace located in ceking village ubud, about 30 minutes drive from white water rafting finish point here will discover beautiful scenery of the rice terraces , here you can take a picture or have a walk trough the rice field

tegalalang rice terrace bali
tegalalang rice terrace
Tegalalang rice terraces
Tegalalang rice terraces

Visit Kintamani volcano

Batur volcano located in penelokan village kintamani bangli regent, about 45 minutes drive from tegalalng rice terrace , batur kaldera is part of one geopark  in indonesia ,batur volcano it was giant volcano erupted 13000 years ago and became giant kaldera ring, now there we can see the batur volcano life in the center of the caldera high about 1600 meter from sea level and still active mountain,it the bottom side there also batur lake and perfect scenery to take a picture from the lips of the old caldera lips

mount batur

Kintamani cycling tours
Mount batur

mount batur

batur volcano in bali
view of batur volcano

Visit  bali agro tourism

Bali agro tourism very popular tourist attraction to see the various tropical plantation such as arabica and robusta coffee trees, cocoa tress, vanilla tress, lemon grass, cinnamon and many more, good place to discover tropical plantation as you know some trees difficult to find it in your country

here also you can try balinese coffee and very famous and special coffee luwak know as the most expensive coffee in the world , made from poo of the civet and have fermentation in the chivet stomach , the village will cleaned , and skinned ( coffee bean has 1 skin and  2 hard shell and the civet only eat the out skin only ) after cleaned they will rousted and grinned

dont forget also to try herbal tea such as ginger tea, lemon grass tea , mango stain tea , bali chocolate and many more


Luwak Coffee
Luwak Coffee
coffee luwak
Luwak Coffee and herbal tea testing tours
luwak coffee
Try luwak Coffee


Ayung rafting kintamani tour package price:

  • pick up time : 7.300 am 
  • Adult : Rp.800.000
  • Kids: Rp.700.000

Tours price will include  : 

  • fully air conditioner private van
  • white water rafting 
  • Entrance fee
  • Ayung rafting insurance 
  • locker
  • Towel 
  • Coffee in the morning 
  • Lunch
  • English speaking driver and act as your tour guide 

Book your tours : 

Payment : 

  • payment method cash when you arrived in bali or the day of pick up time for your security payment method 
  • Paypall
  • payment with credit card accepted in rafting start point