Kintamani Bangli

Kintamani village

batur volcano in bali
view of batur volcano

Kintamani village in bangli well know as a famous village in bali with spectacular panorama of Mount batur and lake batur
Located in the top of big old caldera of batur mountain was erupted 13.000 years ago and created big circle ring rounded the batur Volcano and lake batur
Kintamani village located in bangli regency, around 35 km from ubud village or drive from seminyak area around 2,5 hours
In kintamani village also known as most famous mandarin fruits and Arabica coffee farming area, some area also villager farming the vegetables

Visit batur lake

batur lake
batur lake view

batur lake is the one of biggest lake in bali was created by giant volcano erupted 13.000 years ago, with wide 2,5 km and 7 km long, from the top batur lake look like a crescent moon with 70 meter deep

The water in batur lake sometimes changing from blue to green or yellow because of the sulfur in the bottom of the lake
Batur lake located around 1100 from sea level make the weather really fresh and cold with always misty in the late afternoon between 22 to 25 degrees

batur lake view to abang mountain

The best thing in kintamani batur is the spectacular panorama of of batur volcano and lake batur view from penelokan village
And now batur volcano and batur lake is one of geopark site and protected by UNESCO

Climbing the Mount Batur to see sunrise

batur sunrise trekking
For the traveler here we can visit batur temple located close to the penelokan village in kintamani and also main attraction is to climb the active batur volcano in early morning to catch the sunrise, trekking in Batur Volcano is not really hard just only 1600 meter from sea level normally will take about 1 hours 45 minutes

sunrise at batuur volcano

when arrived in the top of volcano you will be presented of the beautiful sunrise view of Mount agung and mount rinjani in Lombok

Visit trunyan Village

desa trunyan


Trunyan village located in the shore of batur lake in the east part and under of mount abang, trunyan village is one of oldest village in Bali or call Bali Aga village
Trunyan village own very rarely tradition we cannot see in other part of bali or other part of the world specially when someone died in the village the body will not do cremation or bury , they just laying on the top of ground in the cemetery , the death body just cover by shroud and pieces of bamboo rounded the body, the magically in the cemetery we will not smelling any bad smell just like normal area event there is around 10 death body just cover by shroud ( believe it or not)

trunyan cemetery
From the village story there is big tree call taru menyan deserve the bed smell ,

the body in trunyan cemetery
Long time ago the taru menyan tree spread very nice fragrance in bali until people can smell it in java island , the king want to hide the smell and ordered to the villager to put the death body under the taru menyan tree and expecting the fragrances will gone , and until that time the trunyan villager still carry this tradition until today

temple in trunyan village

Taru menyan tree only one tree grow in trunyan village cemetery and the scientist try to grow this tree but can’t make it without any explanation

taru menyan tree

 so taru menyan tree is the only one tree in the world grow in terunyan village

Swimming in hot springs pool

toya devasya hot spring

Not only the scenery is beautiful but also in batur lake there is place to enjoy the hot spring by swimming on natural hot spring pool will give you natural sauna sensation while you enjoy the view of batur lake

toya devasya swimming pool
Simply just visit toya devasya hotel and pay for the entrance fee to use the hotel pool facilities by the lake , and relax and enjoy it

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