Aling Aling Waterfall Tours

Aling aling waterfall , Secret Garden Waterfall Sambangan Village

aling aling waterfall secret garden

Aling aling waterfall or know secret garden waterfall Tours is a special design tour for the tourist who love to walking and adventure in nature places, tours will start at 6.30 am departure from main tourist area, we will drive through to the sambagan village located in Bueleng regency about 2,5 hours driving ,sambangan village just in the button of gitgit village well known as area with spectacular view along the road , here we have to walk through the rice fields, villager farming area and you may discover variety of plant like paddy,banana,cloves, cocoa and many more , but don’t worry all the route is fun and very scenic scenery and seven waterfall you can discover such as : Pucuk waterfall, Kembar waterfall, kroya waterfall, Aling Aling waterfall. Along the journey you will find those exciting waterfalls.  and when we arrived at aling aling waterfall you will invited to do sliding ,jumping and swimming in the natural pool of secret garden of aling aling waterfall , you will enjoy the special day with nature  and enjoy the adventure of secret garden

Activities :

1.visiting the aling aling waterfall

aling aling waterfall

just few minute walk down to the valley you eyes will be discover the hidden secret garden of aling aling waterfall and river with clear water river flow the water from the top

2. Swimming in blue lagoon river

blue lagoon sambagan


secret garden with natural blue lagoon pool perfect place for swimming after we walk trough the valley , you will discover beautiful scenery and ambiance in the middle of jungle , you will invited to jump to fresh clear cold mountain water after you visiting aling aling waterfall

3. let go play with water slide in Kroya waterfall

natural water slide in croya waterfall

Natural water park in the jungle , here we can safety to water slide in the Kroya waterfall , our professional guide will give you instruction how to do it with life jacket ,  you will slide and dump to the natural pool , it is really fun

not only sliding you invited too to do jumping from the cliff from 5 meter high and also 3 meter high , you can safety to do diving jumping and just show your style

cliff jumping in kroya waterfall secret garden

show your best free style jumping in secret garden

after you do this activities we can relax and enjoy your lunch we bought before in this twin waterfall location.

in the to of pucuk waterfall there is small natural pool is suite for the kids to swim

twin watefall and lagoon

after we finished lunch and  we will continue to go to twin waterfall/kembar waterfall for swimming in under the waterfall


pucuk waterfall with the natural pool in secret garden

and  also we can do under pucuk waterfall one of the bigger natural pool under the waterfall, if you really adventurous and like the challenging you will invited to try jumping from the top of pucuk waterfall with 16 meter high

Swimming in natural pucuk waterfall lagoon

pucuk waterfall

After done this activities i believe  you will get tired and ready to go home to your hotel with very awesome exiting big fun day out  experienced in secret garden in bali

Aling aling waterfall tours price:

  • Price per person: 50 USD
  • Minimum 2 person on tours
  • If single participant will add extra cost 50 USD

Tour Include :

  • Air-conditioned private return transport:  car + driver+fuel
  • Insurance
  • life jacket
  • Professional trekking guide
  • Mineral water during the trekking trip
  • Entrance fee to village community

NOTED:  The best time to visit and do activities in the secret garden start in the morning and finish in the afternoon around 2.30 pm to 03.00 pm, because this location in the jungle and the water temperature is cold